Posted on October 29, 2014 by Zoyee Kartalis

1.There is no such thing as guaranteed publicity - the proof is in the pudding

2. Assume 'off the record' is on the record when speaking to journalists

3. A targeted PR approach is often more effective in achieving results than bombarding the media with irrelevant information

4. Trust your PR expert when they tell you something isn't newsworthy, sometimes it's better to hold off on announcing a non-news story until you have something interesting to talk about

5. Keep your press release to no more than a page - short, sharp and shiny is better than too much information

6. It's true what they say 'a picture paints 1,000 words' - sometimes your story is all in the photo opportunity so think about this when planning a story angle about your initiative or new product

7. No comment is guilt by association

8. Never pitch a story to a journalist at the end of the day or if they are on deadline - always try calling again when they are not busy

9. Learn to speak in grabs when talking to journalists conveying your key messages

10. Golden rule to key messages - no more than three and commit to memory


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